Earth and Straw building conference, March 2016, New Zealand

Natural building materials have been used for centuries and today a large proportion of the world’s population continue to live in houses made from earth, stone, fibres and other naturally occurring materials. Natural Building is as valid in the 21st century as it ever was.

Globally the construction industry is not sustainable, placing large demands on both energy and material resources. It is vital that we learn to build and repair buildings in ways that not only minimise damage to ecosystems, but which also promote their regeneration. We need to actively explore and encourage different and better ways of building so that the well-being of both the environment and the people who occupy it are not harmed.

The conference will be a celebration of Natural Building worldwide and provides a rare face-to face opportunity for networking with others in the field from all over the globe. Builders, home owners, engineers, architects and designers, building officials, housing providers, building suppliers, farmers, researchers and academics, and anybody else who cares about the quality of the built environment and its impact on the world we share – come join us.

The 5 day, 6 night conference will feature keynote addresses, presentations from delegates, hands-on workshops and displays, trade shows, uniquely Kiwi social events, house tours (may be before and/or after the conference proper), the all-important Straw Bale Olympics and most importantly the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones.

Natural Building is an important part of this strategy and this conference provides an international forum for the critical exchange of diverse viewpoints and experiences. The aim of the conference is to foster development, education, and awareness of the positive impacts of natural building and related sustainable building approaches. We also intend to have a lot of fun, after all, this is a Celebration of Natural Building in the 21st Century.

When: 3 – 9 March, 2016

Where: Canterbury, New Zealand

Costs: from $280 – $1200 all inclusive; excluding travel and accommodation