Are you dreaming of living in a natural house, or are inspired by those people that do? Are you an architect, engineer or builder that is interested in making your work more sustainable?

The Natural Building Collective is a platform for sharing knowledge and information about natural and sustainable building in southern Africa. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  1. Through the facilitation of CPD accredited natural building courses in South Africa
  2. Through a blog that shares practical and inspiring information about existing and new natural building projects in Africa and beyond
  3. Through onsite training and capacity building in a wide range of materials, including cob, adobe brick, rammed earth, straw bale, tyres, sandbags and recycled materials amongst others
  4. Through building and project management

Founder Peter McIntosh started building with natural materials in 1999. Since then he has run a natural building company for six years in Cape Town, but in 2010 shifted his focus to training, mentoring and building the profile of natural and sustainable building in southern Africa. This is achieved through providing a platform for people involved in natural building, be they architects, educators or social development practitioners via the blog. The Natural Building Collective operates on the principle of cooperation with like-minded individuals and organisations to further the aims of sustainable and natural building. Peter’s homelife demonstrates living sustainably, including living off-the-grid in a straw bale mudbrick earth-sheltered house in a permaculture community, growing as much of his own food as possible in a semi-arid environment.

Are you keen to contribute to the Natural Building Collective?

3 ways to be part of the collective:

1. Find us on Facebook.

2. Share natural and sustainable building related news and events, such as natural building courses taking place in southern Africa via Facebook.

3. We also accept posts from guest contributors. If you would like to make a once-off contribution, or if you’re getting ready to start your own build, and would like to make a regular contribution please contact us, telling us about your project.


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